Friday, May 2, 2014

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

So tonight, saya habiskan siri Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood untuk yang ke 283745 kalinya. I didn't watch too many anime back then and now, but FMA Brotherhood remains my all time favorite anime series to watch, for bunch of reasons.

1. I like how it discusses and portrays many important issues like racism, religion and beliefs, in a mature and simple way.

2. I like how I was "dragged" into problem solving process in this series. It raises questions at first phase, and brings me to solve problem, face every anger, sadness, confusion and happiness of each character. Almost all of my questions are answered. Almost every action taken by the characters of this series is reasoned, and every character has their own importance and impact. I like how characters are finely developed.

3. I love how women are portrayed in this series. They are not portrayed as decoration and sensual. The women of FMA Brotherhood are strong, brainy, gentle, independent and reliable. They do not only serve as the wings for the men, they also serve as saviors. They are competitive enough to fight along in rough battles. Truth be told, I want to be like these women.

Those are my opinions about FMA Brotherhood. I would like to write more tapi dah malas. So good night.